New rules for .ie domains expiry, suspension and deletion

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The IE Domain Registry have this weekend launched new policies that change the expiry, suspension and deletion dates of domain names. The old MSD (mail, suspend, delete) system has been replaced by the NRP (non-renewal process) system. Any .ie domain registrants or resellers should be aware of the changes.

The old MSD system
The old MSD (mail, suspend, delete) system ran every two weeks.  For example, if a domain name expiring in September was not renewed, the domain owner would be mailed on the first Friday in November, suspended two weeks later and finally deleted two weeks after that.  The IE Domain Registry gave domain registrants a considerable grace period to renew their domain name. All the different deadlines made it very difficult to work out when a domain name suspension and deletion would actually happen.

The new NRP system
The new NRP (non renewal process) system brings .ie domain names into line with other domain extensions like .com.  This should remove the confusion and make it easier for registrars/registrants to manage .ie domain registrations. The new policy is straight-forward. Domain names are deleted 70 days after their expiry date.  If a domain name renewal isn’t paid on time, the IE Domain Registry will email the registrant after 1 day, suspend the domain name after 40 days and delete the domain name after 70 days.  The domain name can be renewed at any time during the 70 days, but any website/email services associated with the domain name will stop working when the domain name is suspended, and someone else may re-register the domain name when it is deleted.  It’s important to renew your domain name on time.  Don’t risk losing your domain name!

We recommend renewing your domain names early and using an auto-renew option if available with your domain registrar.  Don’t risk losing your domain name!

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