IE Domain Registry Annual Report 2010 Published

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IEDR Domain Name Report 2010

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The IE Domain Registry (IEDR), the managed registry for Ireland’s official internet address .ie, today published its 2010 Annual Report. 2010 saw the IEDR celebrate its 10th anniversary, the .ie namespace expand by a net 12.9%, and in November 2010 a customer registered the 150,000th .ie domain name through registrar Spiral Hosting.

New registrations of 36,587 .ie domains in 2010 were offset by 19,071 non-renewals or deletions. The net additions in the year led to the .ie namespace growing by a net 12.9% to 153,419. The IEDR believes growth in domain registrations were generated almost totally by the efforts of IEDR’s Registrar community and reflects a maturing Internet ecosystem. Domain names per capita in Ireland (33 domains per 1,000 people) are now comparable to those of France and Italy (29 and 35 per 1,000 people respectively), with countries like the Netherlands, Switzerland and Denmark leading the way in Europe (250, 200 and 199 domains per 1,000 people respectively).

The .ie non-renewal rate is very low by international standards, and reflects the shortening domain life cycle, as domain names are increasingly used for promotional events and information programmes on .ie websites. The ongoing economic recession is also a factor, although there is anecdotal evidence suggesting that part of the growth is due to new online businesses established by those made redundant.

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