Register a Domain Name

What is a domain name?

It’s an address on the internet. The two uses you’d be most familiar with are internet addresses, where the domain name is prefixed by “www” (for example www.google.ie), and email addresses, where the domain name follows the ‘@’ symbol (for example info@google.ie).

What is the .ie domain space?

If an internet address has .ie at the end of it, it’s registered in Ireland and a part of the .ie domain space, which is managed by the IE Domain Registry.

What is a registrant?

A registrant is the individual or organisation (e.g. limited company, partnership, sole trader) who has registered a specific domain name. This individual or organisation holds the right to use that domain name during their registration period.

What is the registration period?

The typical registration period for .ie domain names is 1 year (where the domain is registered for 1 year initially and renewed every 1 year there-after) however, multi-year registration periods (up to 10 years at a time) are available.

What is an Accredited Registrar?

Accredited IE Registrars are companies, organisations or individuals who have demonstrated the knowledge, experience and expertise in managing .ie domains on your behalf. Registrars can guide you through the application process; they will provide you with the necessary nameserver information needed for application, and they will act as your billing agent when your domain is due for renewal.

DomainRegistrar.ie is a trading name of Spiral Hosting Limited, an Accredited IE Registrar.

Is my domain name available to register?

In order to check what domain names are available to be registered you can use our free on-line search facility – called WHOIS – which enables you to find out whether a domain name is available and, if not, the organisation or person to whom it is registered, and when that registration was made. You can use WHOIS here, remember to enter in the full website address (e.g. google.ie) and do not put ‘www.’ in front of it.

What is website hosting?

Every website is stored on a webhosting server (a server is computer system that is built to provide website and email services). Webhosting servers are built and managed by webhosting companies. Webhosting servers are housed in a datacentre building which provides physical space, internet connectivity, electricity, air-conditioning and other facilities.

DomainRegistrar.ie is a trading name of Spiral Hosting Limited, who provide super-fast premium website hosting solutions in Dublin, Ireland. We recommend you purchase your domain name alongside a webhosting package.

The domain name I wanted is already registered. What can I do?

Domain name registration works on a first come first served basis, so if somebody with a legitimate claim to the name you want has already registered it there is, unfortunately, nothing you can do. If you feel strongly that the domain has been registered in bad faith by the current holder, you can avail of WIPO’s Dispute Resolution service however this can cost between €1,500 and €5,000 depending on the size of your dispute.

What rights does a domain name give me?

There are no proprietary rights in a domain name. The registrant does not “own” their domain name. Instead, they have a licence to use the domain name during the registration period.

No one has an automatic right to a domain name. Having a company or business name, or a Registered Trademark, does not automatically give you a greater right than anyone else to that domain name. Also, having a domain name in one domain (eg. “yourcompany.ie”) does not give you the right to stop others from holding the same or a similar domain name in another domain (eg. “yourcompany.com”, “yourcompany.eu”, “yourcompany.co.uk”, etc).

Can I register another company's name or trademark for my domain name?

If you can show a legitimate claim on a given domain, as per the rules for .ie registration, then you can register that domain. For example, if you are an official distributor for a multi-national company then you may register an .ie domain for their brand name. However, it is the responsibility of every registrant to ensure that they are not in violation of existing trademarks or intellectual property, or they may leave themselves open to legal action.

Manage a Domain Name

What is a NIC-Handle?

A NIC-Handle is an account number to uniquely identify a domain name registrant. The NIC-Handle is stored in the IE Domain Registry database along with the registrant name, organisation name, address, phone number and email address. One NIC-Handle can be associated with multiple domain names in different capacities (e.g. admin-contact, tech-contact or billing-contact).

What is the Admin-Contact?

The Admin-Contact is the individual that is responsible for authorising any changes, transfers or deletion of the domain names. The Admin-Contact must be from the domain holder organization in order to ensure that the control of the domain name remains with the domain name holder and not somebody else such as a web developer or designer.

What is the Tech-Contact?

The Tech-Contact is the individual or company that is responsible for the nameservers listed on your domain name. If there are any problems with DNS at the time of registration or modification, this contact will be notified by email.

What is the Billing-Contact?

A Billing-Contact is the individual or company that is responsible for payment of the initial registration fee and the annual renewal fees for a domain. Invoices are sent to the Billing-Contact each year for the renewal fee of your domain name. In general the Billing-Contact will be your Registrar.

How do I edit my website or setup email accounts?

You should contact your webhosting company. Spiral Hosting customers can contact us here.

How do I transfer my domain name to you?

To initiate an .ie domain transfer, the IE Domain Registry will require a signed letter from the registrant on headed paper (where appropriate) authorizing the transfer. You can view a sample letter here. You can submit the letter to us by email or fax. Please place your domain transfer order on our website first so we know to expect your letter.

Someone has registered a domain similar to mine. How is this possible?

Applications for .ie domains are made on a first come, first served basis, and while each applicant must show some legitimate claim to the chosen domain, it is not a requirement that they can show more of a claim to the name than other parties. No application is ever refused on the grounds that a similar domain or company name might exist.

Renew a Domain Name

Will I be notified about upcoming domain expiry dates?

Yes. We will email you a reminder 21, 14, 7 and 2 days before the expiry date.

How does the Auto Renewal option work?

If Auto Renewal for the domain name is enabled (which it is by default), a renewal invoice will be generated 14 days before the expiry date. Our billing system will automatically charge your account, then renew your domain name, providing you have a valid credit card on your account on the renewal date. You can manage your credit card details, your domain name renewals, or pay your invoices manually through our Client Area.

How do I manually renew my domain name?

You can renew your domain name at any time through the ‘My Domains’ section in our Client Area.

If your domain name is approaching its expiry date, please check if a renewal invoice has already been generated in the ‘My Invoices’ section, to avoid your domain name being renewed twice. Renewal invoices are generated 14 days before

What is a domain name?

A Billing-Contact is the individual or company that is responsible for payment of the initial registration fee and the annual renewal fees for a domain. Invoices are sent to the Billing-Contact each year for the renewal fee of your domain name. In general the Billing-Contact will be your Registrar.